Tangy Pineapple Chips

The Pineapple is one of the world’s most favorite tropical fruits and is always considered a sweet and delicious treat.  Also known as "Anana" which means "Excellent Fruit".  Danielle Pineapple chips are packed with a sweet and tangy taste, perfect for all occasions.


Roasted Coconut Chips

The Coconut is extremely popular and very useful in many cuisines.  Premium young coconut makes the perfect snack because the true rich taste and texture is retained during the flash baking.  Our roasted then baked coconut chips are perfect as a snack, as a dessert or as ice cream topping.

Honey Banana Chips

The Banana is the most popular fruit in the United States. Bananas from Thailand are often called “Honey” or “Baby” bananas and are smaller than bananas from other parts of the world. Danielle Banana chips make a fun and tasty treat for all occasions.


Golden Durian Chips

The Durian is known as the "King of Fruits".  Under its hard shell, the bright yellow flesh is sweet, creamy and flavorful.  A ripe Durian typically comes with a strong fragrant smell. Our unique cooking process gives Golden Durian less distinct smell yet full delicious flavor.  


Sweet Mango Chips

The Mango, a fruit originating in Asia, is one of the most popular exotic fruits in the world.  The tree-ripened Mangos from our farm are hand picked at their peak ripeness to ensure the optimum flavor and freshness.  The delicious sweet taste can now be enjoyed in these light, crispy chips, a perfect snack for all occassions. 


Sweet Jackfruit Chips

The Jackfruit is the largest edible fruit grown on trees in the world.  A ripe Jackfruit has the aroma of Pineapples and Bananas and has a unique sweet aromatic flavor.  Danielle Jackfruit chips are a fun and savory treat, ideal as a party snack.  

Crunchy Pumpkin Chips

The Pumpkin is most popular for its sweet and creamy flavor.  As the signature symbol of Thanksgiving, the Pumpkin has become part of the American holiday tradition and makes the perfect ingredient for savory meals and snacks. Danielle pumpkin chips make a great treat for all occasions.

Spicy Carrot Chips

The Carrot is sweeter than many other vegetables and is an ideal ingredient in many side dishes and salads.  Carrots are also popular as a juice or snack and make delicious sliced chips.  Danielle Carrot chips are full of flavor and the perfect companion for all occasions.


Royal Sweet Potato

Our Royal Sweet Potatoes come from the highest premium grade harvest.  Royal sweet potatoes have delicious flavor and smooth texture, making them a sensational alternative to regular potato chips.  Sweet potato chips are superb on salads, with sandwiches or enjoyed as a snack. 


Divine Okra Chips

The Okra's edible part is a fuzzy green pod which is fibrous and flavorful when cooked.  Its chewy skin becomes crunchy and the inside becomes porous, making this a delicious dried snack.  This vegetable is great to enjoy as is or as a salad topping or a side dish.


Wild Taro Chips

The Taro root’s creamy sweet flavor makes it a favorite ingredient in many Asian desserts.  The Taro is also rich in fiber and is an important staple in Asia and Hawaii.  Taro root has a cream-colored flesh, similar in texture to a potato.  Danielle Taro chips make a tasty and delicious snack.



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